We have been given confirmation that Nissan are developing the Nissan 300z, which is going to be the follow up to the 370z and it should arrive in 2018. While we are coming closer to next year there still hasn’t been any word on what the vehicle is going to offer.

The CEO of Nissan did talk about the Nissan 300z some time back and they said that they were going to offer a vehicle that would be light and fast. This may mean that the vehicle is going to come in under 3000lbs, just as the Z31 did.

The previous versions of the Z cars had been based around the Infiniti G Coupe, so we think that the Nissan 300z is going to have the base of the Infiniti Q60 Coupe.

The rumors suggest that the Nissan 300z is going to be offered with a 3 litre twin turbocharged engine and this is the engine that the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport is going to offer. If it does have the engine we are expecting the 300z to be able to offer up 400 horses.

All we are waiting for now is confirmation of the Nissan 300z release date and whether or not it will have the base of the Infiniti.

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