New Dodge Challenger Confirmed To Have AWD: Will It Be Better Or Worse?

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The Dodge was announced by the FCA today and we have heard that the new Dodge Challenger is going to arrive with a brand new drivetrain and it is going to be AWD. The all-wheel drive is to be marketed with the RWD version when it comes out and this should mean that the vehicle will be able to reach a market that is wider.

But is the AWD going to be for better or worse? It may or may not benefit the Dodge Challenger due to the fact that the vehicle out at the moment is RWD and it offers up the engine from the Hellcat but it struggles to find the performance that you want from a 707 horsepower engine.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a sports coupe that is heavy and this means that it doesn’t have performance that is insane. The Hellcat is good, however, the horses don’t do that well out on the drag strip. The question is, would it be any better with the AWD?

The AWD may be able to help the Dodge Challenger Hellcat to obtain better performance. While it is heavier than the RWD architecture, it would help to improve the launching of the Challenger. For now we can only surmise as we wait to see what the Dodge offers with AWD.

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