Many parents are worried about their offspring riding motorbikes as the risk of getting injured or worse is higher with motorcycles. One mum recently gave her son a lecture after dropping him off next to his motorcycle when he was going out for a ride.

The whole thing was caught on video and what’s strange about this is that it was actually the mum who knocked down her biker sun when waiting at lights. Perhaps it should have been the son giving the mum the lecture at the beginning of the video.

The bizarre accident saw the mother of the biker rear end her son while he was stationery sat on his motorbike and he wasn’t too pleased about it.

The video starts with the mum telling her son to be cautious on the roads and keep away from the idiotic drivers. She quickly becomes the idiotic driver herself though when she ploughs into the back of him and knocks him off the bike to the floor. Check it out below as the crash is caught on the helmet cam of the biker.

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Mario Caballero

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