Motorola X Overtaking Google Nexus 5 To Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

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When the Motorola X comes out it could have Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie installed. When Google took over Motorola they played down the takeover and said that other phone makers stood as much chance of making a Nexus device as Motorola. But could the next Nexus device be the Motorola X?

Innovation is the key factor when considering tech in mobiles. This means that Google will have a lot of time since their last I/O to work on new tech. They will want to show off this tech and they will want to do it with their own Nexus device. The new Android update should integrate well with Google services that already exist and they would look superb on a pure Android device.

The executive of Google said “It’s almost as if [Motorola is] a separate company.” This could be taken that Google are in talks with other partners for the Google Nexus 5, however those wanting a Motorola Nexus device could look at it another way, this being ‘We will launch Android 5.0 with Motorola X, but you have no reason to worry. Motorola is just like you, a partner.’

The LG Nexus 4 was revealed in November of 2012 and it suffered issues with people being able to get their hands on it. Should Google launch the Google Nexus 5 this May then it could cause uproar with all those who waited to get their hands on it. Of course if Google launched the Motorola X with the same features as a Nexus but without the name, they could get away with this.

This could be a clever play on the part of Google as they would be able to build their own brand without it having an effect on the Nexus branding. The Motorola X series of devices could enjoy the success of the Nexus devices thanks to the pure Android experience.

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