The Moto X Pure came out in 2015 but it’s still fairly new so it will be getting the update to Android 7.0 Nougat. Whether or not it is going to receive an update past Nougat isn’t known but there are plenty of owners of the handset waiting to get Nougat and many will be happy when it arrives, so when is that going to be?

Motorola handsets are generally devices that are among the first to be updated following the Nexus devices of course. So when are devices going to receive Nougat?

This is an answer that only carriers and Google have the answer to so if you own the Moto X Pure you are going to have to have some patience and wait. Along with the Pure there is also the Moto Z, Moto Z Play, 2016 Moto G4 Play and the 2015 Moto X Play, among others.

Do you own the Moto X Pure and are you getting excited for the arrival of Android Nougat on your handset?

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