We saw a mash up pack released last week and this had the Mass Effect theme. This meant that those playing could build their own playground in the game. sales of the game have grown and there is much demand for additional content. 4 J Studios were on Twitter and said that gamers will eventually get texture packs for the PC version through the Xbox Games store.

We are waiting to hear about an investigation at the moment into complications that came about when adding in additional content in the Xbox 360 version, which seems to be a complex process.

Fans asked if the texture pack is game related and 4 J Studios said no. they have also mentioned DLC potential as a style texture pack. They want to mix pre-existing textures that don’t have licenses in the console port. If they do this then Microsoft needs to find a solution for attributing credit to those who make the texture packs, before they are available to gamers on the Xbox 360.

Gamers want support for mods, but Sony or Microsoft will perhaps not allow this. Mod support is one of the biggest ways of getting additional content on the PC version. This is one of the reasons why gamers favour the PC instead of consoles. Those playing on the PC get to enjoy more effects, textures and creatures, plus new worlds, objects and weapons.

The Xbox 360 version is able to deal with in game texture packs, thanks to system support. This was brought in thanks to the TU12 update. The mash up packs which have been released allows fans to get new character skins and world textures, which were seen in Mass Effect.

We have not heard about the release date for the non-licensed texture packs. The next update should be TU13, which is under discussion over at 4J Studios. However it is thought that this will be a bug fix and it will not bring with it new content.

The Mass Effect mash up is available over in the Xbox Games Store for Minecraft Xbox 360.

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