One type of device that has always been very popular around the holidays is the tablet. We don’t think that this year will be any different. With new tablets making their way out, it is getting more difficult for people to choose one. One of the contenders of course will be the Apple iPad 4; another will be the Microsoft Surface RT. But which comes out on top?

Weight is the first thing that many people take into account. Both of the tablets are roughly the same as they are 0.37 inches thick and don’t differ all that much in weight. The iPad is 1.44 pounds and the Surface 1.4 pounds. The 4G version of the Apple iPad comes in at 146 pounds.

You do have to bear in mind that these things are affected by your choice of tablet. When you have the Apple iPad 4 in your hands, it does feel as though it is the lighter and the thinner. The Apple iPad 4 happens to be the shortest and widest of the two.

The 4G LTE version of the Apple iPad means that you get data anywhere you can get a signal.

Microsoft could reveal a 4G version of the surface, but for now it’s just Wi-Fi.

The Surface does not connect to VPN thanks to lack of APIs used for the AnyConnect client. They are said to be working on this.

The camera of the two tablets is on the front and they are similar. The one of the Apple iPad 4 is 5MP and records video at 1080p. The Surface camera records in 720p.

The camera of the Surface RT is in a better place that it is on the iPad, which means that video calling is easier.

There are many more apps for iOS than what Microsoft offer, but of course they are years ahead. Most of the popular apps are there though on Windows.

iOS 6 comes packed with many social media apps.

You could get more battery life from the Apple iPad 4, but on saying this, the Surface goes a full day without the need for charging.

The display of the Apple iPad 4 does come out on top, but there is not a lot to choose from.

Both are great value, the 32GB Surface costs twice as much as the 16GB version of the Apple iPad at $500. Microsoft offers the Touch Cover with the tablet for $600 in black and $620 in another colour. The Cellular iPad 4 comes in at $630.

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