Microsoft Surface Handset Gives Acknowledgement To Lumia

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Microsoft is a name that is well known among the smartphone market and they have been in competition with Apple and Google. Some of the best products during this time were the Lumia phones, however they did have features that were lacking and this meant that they didn’t last long.

Microsoft now wants a second chance at the market and they are going to be competing with just one single product. At the moment we don’t have details about the product; however we do believe that this is going to be a Microsoft Surface phone.

The Microsoft Surface Pro tablets have gone down well and the company is hoping to copy this within the smartphone market. The Microsoft Surface phone would be a premium handset that would be packed with features and multi-functional.

The Microsoft Surface phone wouldn’t be a repeat of what happened with the Lumia. Therefore the device would have to arrive packed with the best hardware along with having a price tag that was reasonable. It has been said that it could come with the Snapdragon 835 processor and it would have 6GB of RAM.

Is the Microsoft Surface phone something that you would consider over handsets from LG and Samsung?