Mercedes X-Class Won’t Look F-150 Raptor In The Eye

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The Mercedes X-Class isn’t going to look the Ford F-150 Raptor in the eye and it’s not going to replace the G63 that is getting on in age now. It seems that Mercedes-AMG doesn’t have any plans to offer up an AMG version of the X-Class pickup truck.

The boss of AMG confirmed that the brand name isn’t going to give the Mercedes X-Class high performance variations. He said that there wasn’t enough interest to be able to justify paying out the development costs and it wouldn’t fit in among the AMG lineup.

Mercedes didn’t play a big part in the development of the X-Class as the running gear along with the structure and the chassis are from the Nissan Navara. Those who are looking for more power will have to make do with the V6 3 litre turbodiesel and in the majority of markets the 3 ltire offers 255 horses along with 457 torque.

This isn’t bad news for those in the US, but it may sting a little for the rest of the world. Previous reports had suggested that the car maker wasn’t going to bring the Mercedes X-Class to the US.

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