Mercedes X-Class Similar To Ridgeline Taking Steroids

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We have seen the Mercedes X-Class concept and this is a vehicle that has been based around the Nissan Navara, with much of the architecture having been changed to fit the Mercedes Benz bodywork. It will have the V6 diesel engine and this is a leader among turbocharged engines. While we don’t know anything about the figures, the vehicle may be a lot like the Honda Ridgeline, albeit on steroids.

The Mercedes X-Class is classed as a lifestyle pickup truck instead of being focused on going off the road. This is just what the Honda Ridgeline is classed as too. One of the biggest differences that set them apart is that the Ridgeline isn’t a premium vehicle and the X-Class is.

The Mercedes X-Class can carry 2,400 pounds and tow up to 7, 700lbs. It is also going to offer up a ride that is the same quality as the car maker offers with the Mercedes-Benz sedans.

We are expecting the Mercedes X-Class to make its way out next year but right now we have no idea as to what to expect from the price tag. It will roll out first in Europe. Australia and South Africa and then to Latin America.

The Mercedes X-Class may not arrive in the US as there is a fee for imported trucks.

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