Mercedes-Benz patented the name GLB and when they did they gave hints about a new line-up of vehicles heading our way. If you go alphabetically then the GLB might fall in-between the GLA and the GLC.

Both of these are based around the A-Class and C-Class, so the GLB may have the base of the B-Class. This may give us a clue that there may be a brand new line-up coming our way, so could the patent have been taken out for a pickup truck?

GLB could be used for a utility vehicle as opposed to an SUV, this is due to the fact that the B-Class is a crossover and if they made a new one it could choke up the line-up of Mercedes.

There are rumors going around that the GLB is going to be the name seen on a luxury pickup which has been under development. At the moment this is speculation, but what do you think? Could there be a Mercedes Benz pickup truck heading our way?

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Mario Caballero

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