Mercedes Benz G-Class: It’s Not Broke So Why Try Fixing It?

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The Mercedes Benz G-Class may have had a design that hasn’t changed for many years but it also happens to be a design that people love. So with it being so popular why should the car maker bother changing it?

The Mercedes Benz G-Class is going to be offered an update, but don’t worry as the spy photos that we have seen tell us that it isn’t going to move away much from the design that it has at the moment.

From what we can see we do know that the Mercedes Benz G-Class is going to be wider than it was before and this should mean that there is more room in the cabin. Perhaps this extra room will have allowed for cup holders as this is one thing that owners wanted.

The Mercedes Benz G-Class is going to lose some weight and it may lost around 900lbs.

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