Mercedes Benz G-Class Is Going Wrangler But It The move Right?

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We know that the Mercedes Benz G-Class is being given an upgrade but what people didn’t expect was the car maker to go all Jeep Wrangler on us.

Jeep is upgrading the Wrangler too but despite this we are expecting it to remain pretty much the same as the version out on the roads at the moment.

We did get to see some spy shots and these revealed that the same is going to apply to the Mercedes Benz G-Class. It is going to offer up a design that is similar and this means that you may not be able to tell the difference between the new model and the older one.

Of course the styling of the vehicle is one part of the Mercedes Benz G-Class that makes the vehicle so popular and this could be one of the biggest reasons why the car maker has been so reluctant to change the design. If the upgrades to it have been enough then it really doesn’t matter about the design.

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