Mercedes Benz G-Class: If It Ain`t Broke It Don’t Need Fixing

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The design of the Mercedes Benz G-Class is superb but it has been around for some time and perhaps the design is going to be changed for the future. However, the old saying is that if it ain`t broke it don’t need fixing, so should Mercedes take heed of this?

Spy shots have revealed some of the upgrades that may be coming with the Mercedes Benz G-Class and from this we can tell that the vehicle isn’t going to be too far away from the design that is on the current version of the vehicle.

If you go by the images you can see that the upcoming Mercedes Benz G-Class is wider than before and this should mean that there is more space in the cabin of the vehicle. This may mean that Mercedes will be able to incorporate cup holders into the cabin.

It is also said that the Mercedes Benz G-Class could be lighter by a few pounds, we have heard that the vehicle is shedding 900lbs.