The BMW M2 is a superb performance compact luxury sports coupe but then the same may be said about the Mercedes A45 AMG. The latter happens to be one of the fastest hatches that is out at the moment.

Both of the vehicles come under different segments, but they share one common thing and that is fast speed. Of the two the A45 AMG is the heavier but it does offer up 377 horses. The BMW M2 comes with the 3 litre engine and so it offers 365 horses.

As both the Mercedes A45 AMG and the BMW M2 are both so close on paper it would be impossible to say which of the two comes out ahead. To find out a race was organized between the two and you can check it out below.

But before you watch it which vehicle do you think comes out ahead, is the Mercedes A5 AMG or the BMW M2?

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Mario Caballero

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