Mazda RX-9 Coming With Rotary Powertrain Say Insiders

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Mazda hasn’t really made anything official about the next generation Mazda RX-9 but still that hasn’t stopped insiders from talking about the vehicle.

The internet was inundated with information about the upcoming Mazda RX-9 and the fact that it may arrive with a rotary engine of 1.6 litres. If so this would be around 300cc more than what the current RX-8 has to offer.

It also means that it will have the turbocharger and this should help the Mazda RX-9 to offer up a combined power output of 400 horses. Insiders have said that the vehicle will have a weight of just 2,866lbs and this is going to help with the fuel efficiency and performance.

However the reports don’t come with any evidence to back up that claim and this means that you should take it with a good dose of salt.

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