Mazda Recall Downplayed But Very Serious Indeed

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The Mazda recall may have been downplayed a little as it is said not to cover that many vehicles but you should not forget that the recall is actually a serious one if you have a vehicle that is affected.

Typically the majority of recalls have just a small risk to the driver of the vehicle. The RAV4 recall was due to the wiper blades not being compatible with the water, this is just of the small risk.

The recall of GM recently was down to the centre console hatch not remaining closed if there should be a crash at 40mph. Again, perhaps not so important. However the Mazda recall is down to some vehicles having a steering knuckle along with front strut that may, in the event of an accident, separate.

The Mazda recall is said to affect around half of the model line, but only around 600 units. Vehicles that are said to be among them include the:
• 2013 MY – 2014 MY Mazda2
• 2016 MY CX-3
• 2014 MY – 2016 MY CX-5
• 2013 MY – 2015 MY CX-9

The Mazda recall is due to an issue of under-tightening of the suspension bolts and if you have one of the affected vehicles you should take it for servicing to have the parts tightened up.