Mazda Gives Confirmation Of More Vehicles To Make You Cringe In 2018

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Mention the name Mazda and many people are most interested in hearing that the RX-Series is making a comeback. However it seems that Mazda may have other ideas as they have confirmed that they are launching more vehicles to make you cringe in 2018.

Mazda revealed that they are going to launch an SUV Coupe with 4 doors and one of them will have the name of the Mazda CX-4, the other is thought to be the CX-6. Both of the vehicles will have the Kodo design language and both will offer 4 doors and have a roofline that slopes.

If you happen to be a fan of SUVs then you might be wondering why we are calling them cringe worthy vehicles. It isn’t us that have called them that it is most of the car enthusiasts.

It seems that they didn’t like the fact that the coupe has been refined and so they now use the term on all SUVs.

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