Mazda 3 Facelift Might Have Same Old Bangers

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We are around one month away from getting a look at the Mazda 3 facelift, which is highly anticipated. There are many people who cannot wait to see the new facelift and we have heard that it may have the next generation SkyActiv turbocharged engine.

The engine is going to offer up a big power bump to the Mazda 3 and this means that it may offer superb performance. However there are some people who don’t believe that this is going to happen.

Mazda said that all of their vehicles in the future are going to offer up the new turbocharged engines; however this doesn’t apply to the Mazda 3 facelift. This is due to the fact that giving a new engine to a facelifted model is going to be a huge upgrade and Mazda are going to want to offer this to the next generation vehicle.

We have already seen the equivalent of the Mazda 3 facelift in Japan and the vehicle is coming with the same diesel engine that it had before it received the facelift.

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