Mafia 3 Loses Gamers In No Time

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Gamers were looking forward to playing Mafia 3 on the PS4 but this soon turned to disappointment and the game has been losing players at a fast pace.

Many gamers have said that Mafia 3 is ok for playing for the first few hours but then things quickly go downhill as the game is somewhat disappointing. One gamer said that the first in the series was far better.

Gamers have agreed that the NPC behaviour is broken, stealth mode is only a joke and the side missions are boring as they are all basically the same. All in all the majority of gamers believe that the game was hyped too much and in reality it isn’t all that good.

There are some gamers who think that the story line, characterization and storytelling is actually good in Mafia 3. However it is let down by the game play, with textures that are low resolution and motion blur, it doesn’t look crisp and instead its out of focus.

The gameplay has been described as boring and repetitive, while the opening for Mafia 3 was outstanding. The game lacks the polish that you would expect, despite the cut scenes looking outstanding. The combat is boring and repetitive and driving around in the game is something of a nightmare.

While Mafia 3 might start off strong there are too many bugs in the game and when you have gone through the first four missions it becomes apparent that there really isn’t that much to do in the world.

All in all gamers seem to think that Mafia 3 isnt a game that is worthy of the heritage and it shares much the same from games such as Watch Dogs and Saints Row. But what do you think?

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