Gamers on the PC were looking forward to the arrival of Mafia 3 but now they have it the game has been something of a disappointment in the port over to the PC. Many gamers have complained about the game being capped at 30fps, when PC gamers typically enjoy 60fps.

With their being such poor reviews for Mafia 3 on the PC the developer is doing something about it seems and a patch has been promised for the game. PC gamers just aren’t happy with games being released with frame rates and graphics that they believe are sub-par and not what they are used to.

What has made things even more frustrating for them is the port over from a console game shouldn’t stop Mafia 3 from being able to offer a higher resolution and limited to 30fps. The game has been said to stutter under 30fps at times on the PC and that it looks as though it has been upscaling to 720p resolution.

Gamers have said that Mafia 3 on the PC has lighting issues, horrible quality textures and objects clipping, along with a whole host of other issues and bugs. Along with this Hangar 13 have been slated for lacking experience and this has caused issues with AI, auto save not working as it should and crashes.

Check out the Mafia 3 gameplay bugs on the PC below in the video.

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