Lotus Elise Shouldn’t Be Driven Daily And Here’s Why

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If you are looking at vehicles in the $60,000 range you might be considering the Lotus Elise. This is a reliable 2 seat sporting coupe that is fast, but if you are looking for a vehicle to drive around on a daily basis you might want to look elsewhere.

The issue isn’t really down to the Lotus Elise as it does offering plenty of driving pleasure and its not too bad when it comes to fuel economy. Over at Reddit one owner of the vehicle gave five reasons why the vehicle shouldn’t be driven on a daily basis.

The first reason was that daily driving enhances the mileage and there is an increased chance of cracking the clamshell made from fiberglass.

Then there is the worry of parking the Lotus Elise is crowded spaces and parallel parking behind cars that are bigger. The vehicle can only hold two and the trunk of it is very small.

If you can live with all of the above and you have the money to spend then the Lotus Elise is a great vehicle that is going to turn heads.

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