Lincoln Copied Design of Bentley, Now Its Ranger Rovers Turn

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Lincoln were said to copy the design of Bentley and now it looks as though it could be the turn of Range Rover to come next.

Ford revealed the Lincoln Navigator concept when they made an appearance at the New York Auto Show and there were some who said that Ford may have copied the Range Rover design.

The Lincoln Navigator concept didn’t come in close to coming to production. It had big gullwings for the doors and it is possible that we may see it in a subtle version at a later date. It is possible that the concept version may turn out to be the base for the Navigator and it may be coming our way next year.

The engine in the concept version is the 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost and it may offer up 400 horses along with it having 500lb of torque. The concept version showed off seating in three rows and it came with the perfect position seating by Lincoln.