LG V20 Build Issue Familiar To Nexus 6P Users

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Owners of the LG V20 will be able to sympathise with owners of the Nexus 6P. While LG are said to have put the device through some rigorous testing, it seems that some owners of the device have found that the glass which protects the camera at the back cracks very easily.

At the moment it may be too early to say that the LG V20 could end up becoming a widespread issue, it may simply be just a few incidents that are isolated. One YouTube member recently put the handset through testing and it was found that the glass shattered that was over the lens of the camera after just some light abrasions. Of course the majority of people who own the device will not be scratching it. However the same could happen if the handset is left in a pocket with keys.

Another person said that their LG V20 came out of the box with cracks on the lens of the device and they hadn’t even used it. Another owner said that they saw damage on their handsets within days of using the handset.

It has been said that the LG V20 is going to be one of the better of the handsets from LG in recent times, however if the shattering glass is going to become an issue, this could spoilt the handset.

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