If you are sick and tired of your Nexus 5X and the issues you have been having with the boot loops you will be happy to hear that LG are offering owners a way out by way of a full refund.

One owner of the Nexus 5X was on Reddit and he told people how he managed to get a full refund for his device. Typically you have to rely on the warranty and get your phone repaired or replaced if there is something wrong with it.

A user was having issues with boot loop and the handset was still under warranty so he sent it to LG to have it fixed. He expected to have it mended or be sent a new device, but this didn’t happen.

Instead LG offered him a full refund for the Nexus 5X as LG said that the part needed wasn’t in stock and wasn’t coming in stock. This may be down to the fact that Google have since moved on with the Pixel phones and the 5X isn’t made any longer.

LG have offered him a full refund but the downside is that he might have to wait for four weeks. So if you are having issues with the boot loop and you are fed up of it, get in touch with LG and you might be able to get a full refund too.

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