LG G6 Leaked Before Debut of LG G5

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The LG G5 hasn’t even made an appearance on the market yet but leaks suggest that the LG G6 is heading our way. It is said that the handset may come not many months after the G5 hits the shelves.

This is the worst news possible for LG of course as the LG G5 may now be put on the back burner by those wanting a new handset who are going to wait for the launch of the LG G6 in a few months’ time.

The designer of the device held an interview recently and he said that LG always had the customer in mind. He said that handsets are not going to lose the core benefits of those that came before but at the same time they would offer something different. We should see this with the launch of the LG G6.

He also talked about the change in the battery on the LG G5 and that this was something that made things easier for customers as they could simply pop out the battery and swap it with a full one. The LG G6 will make advancements in this and it is going to be even easier to swap the battery.

The designer suggested that an idea for the battery swapping was along the lines of pushing a button and getting a new battery in place. Something along the lines of a clip in a gun.

The LG G6 is going to offer numerous improvements including a new audio player from Bang & Olufsen and curves on the display.

So will you be holding off purchasing the LG G5 and wait a few months longer for the arrival of the LG G6?