LG G5 Battery Missing 100mAh, Only Has 2700mAh?

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The official spec sheet of the LG G5 will tell you that the new LG G5 will be coming in with a 2800mAh battery but one test unit seen online came with only a 2700mAh battery. What’s going on here?

Seen in some of the review videos online, the batteries were removed from the test units and it was clear that the battery was a 2700mAh unit instead of a 2800mAh unit. Some people are saying that it is because the device is a test unit and that the actual model will sport a 2800mAh unit but other said that this is no error.

It was pointed out that it is normal since batteries are not always accurate after being manufactured and most of the time, they would label it with the minimum or average specification.

Other reported that the same thing happened with the LG G4 as well so this is not something new.

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