Lexus LFA: Price Tag Isn’t Too High, Here Is Why

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The last time that the Lexus LFA was available to buy was in 2012 and people cannot wait for the vehicle to be released again. It was classed as being the fastest vehicle in the lineup of Toyota and along with this it had the most expensive price tag.

The Lexus LFA came in with a price tag of $375,000 and some people said that the price was too high. The LFA offers up 553 horses thanks to the V10 4.8 litre engine and people said that they could get more than this from rival supercars that cost less.

We were inclined to think the same about the Lexus LFA until we saw a video of the production of the vehicle. It does take a whole lot of effort and the workers are passionate about the development of the vehicle. So all in all the price tag for the vehicle suddenly doesn’t seem to be too high.

Check out the production of the Lexus LFA below and let us know what your thoughts are on the price tag.

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