The Nintendo Wii U console was announced and at the same time the company said that The Legend Of Zelda was coming for the console, however it got lost and didn’t arrive. But will the game get lost again as it makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch?

It was revealed that the Nintendo Switch would come out with the new Legend Of Zelda game, however it was then said that it may not be ready for March, the month the Switch is due to arrive.

Nintendo hasn’t commented on The Legend Of Zelda yet but a leak on Twitter seems to suggest that the game is indeed coming out with the console in March.

If we can believe this fans of Zelda will be clapping their hands in anticipation. Some fans of Nintendo have been sceptical about the Nintendo Switch, following the arrival of the Wii U. people now worry that there aren’t going to be many games to play on the Switch. However Nintendo may have learnt their lesson on the release of the Wii U and they are perhaps being very wary not to make the same mistake again.

Are you waiting for the arrival of The Legend Of Zelda for the Nintendo Switch and are you worried that it will get lost again?

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