Looking at what people usually think is a horror game and the Left 4 Dead franchise, it is clear that people don’t often see the game as being a real horror game but the fact is that is one of the best co-op horror game out there.

Most players would not have felt it but if you push the difficulty of the game right now, the game actually becomes pretty intense. Instead of rushing through a horde of zombies, players will have to tiptoe their way around the game.

Players will also be more careful with their ammo and health supplies and they won’t be running around on their own. Since the witch does more damage as well, encountering one does give one a chill.

Things also get intense when you start losing your teammates and you start to realize that getting caught by a smoker, jockey, charger or hunter could be the end for you.

Despite it being marketing as a multiplayer online game, it is easily on of the scariest co-op horror game out there. Sadly, it does not seem like Valve is planning to work on a third installment.

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