Most people have already given up on hoping that Valve would ever create a new Left 4 Dead game but there would always be small leaks and evidence that seems to suggest that the game is not dead yet.

The latest evidence came from Uzbekistan, a very odd source but fans are taking everything they can since Valve is not revealing anything. BBC new website released a new list showing us all the games that the country will be banning and on the list was the Left 4 Dead game.

In the list, the first, second and third Left 4 Dead game which lead many to believe that there might be a third game that Uzbekistan government knows about and is banning it before hand.

Others think that it might be a typo and that this is nothing. However, since there has not been any confirmation, we can’t dismiss this entirely. We know that most of the major people that were working on the Left 4 Dead franchise have left Valve so if the game does exist, it could be a very different game than what it was.

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