Latest Reveal On Mazda RX-9 Is Hopeful

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We first heard about the concept of the Mazda RX-9 Vision more than a year ago and still today the vehicle is being talked about and it was the subject at the 2016 LA Auto Show. However, the development of the vehicle will all depend on how well the CX-5 performs it seems.

It seems that the new Mazda RX-9 Vision has been difficult to make and when talking, the development chief said instead of the sports car making a case for existence the Mazda CX-5 may be the vehicle to do the heavy lifting.

He said that they would start with the CX-5 and then build a robust business health from there and then if they are successful the RX Vision would then become a possibility. However on saying this they are not hanging around to find out if the CX-5 is going to go down well. The head of the development said that people are working on the next generation of the rotary engine and that they are developing new technology.

So if you are considering buying the Mazda RX-9 you may wish to buy the new Mazda CX-5 and hang onto for the time being.

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