When driving a supercar it is vitally important that you do so with extreme caution due to the vehicle being able to travel at high speed it means that things can go wrong very fast. We recently heard evidence of this when there was a crash of a Lamborghini in Delray Beach and it took the life of an 82 year old man.

The Lamborghini in question was driven by Roger WitternberNs, aged 60, who was said to have been racing his girlfriend who was in a Porsche 911. Both of the vehicle were speeding along until the man lost control of the vehicle and he crashed into a Buick.

The Buick was wrecked and J. Gerald Smith, 82 year old, was killed in it. He was said to be driving an Uber car to make ends meet.

It is thought that the driver of the Lamborghini had been drinking and he was on the way home from a party.

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Mario Caballero

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