The Vice President of the US visited the North American International Auto Show this year and he was very interested in the Corvette display. It seems that when he is out of office he is interested in the Corvette Grand Sport or the Z06 and he wants help in choosing between them.

Joe Biden does have a 1967 Corvette that he has driven only three times during the last 7 years and he said that this is because of the Secret Service as they wont allow him to operate a car. However, when Donald Trump is inaugurated soon, things will change.

Apparently Biden called the Corvette Grand Sport very sweet and he said that he had to get one. While the secret service kept taking him away he kept coming back to the Corvettes and the chief engineer of Corvette said that Biden kept pulling him to one side and said he wanted to try out the ZO6. Biden said that he thought the vehicle could be OTT for him, but he wanted to try it.

So it looks like once he isn’t Vice President anymore Joe Biden is going to get himself a brand new Corvette but whether it will be the Corvette Grand Sport or the Z06, we don’t know.

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Mario Caballero

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