Jeep Renegade: As Good As Stolen Without Keys

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You might as well just get a new Jeep Renegade if you ever get your Jeep Renegade key stolen. That was what one Renegade owner was told when he got his Renegade key stolen.

The owner of the 2015 Jeep Renegade told Reddit that his house was broken into and among the things that were stolen was the keys to his Jeep Renegade. He manages to get back into his car with the backup key and drove to the dealer to get the key reset so that the original key won’t work.

You would think that it will be an easy process but according to the owner, he was told that Jeep will not be able to rest the key and that he was asked to think about getting a new car.

It is said that programming the keys would put the Renegade into the “dead’ list and that the dealer won’t be able to reprogramme the car once it is on the list. The other option will be to but a new key which is pretty costly.

Seeing all the trouble you have to go through just for a key, you better make sure it is with you at all times. Read the whole story on Reddit here.

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