Jeep Pickup Could Go Topless

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It isn’t any big secret that Jeep is in the midst of developing a new pickup truck and it is said that the vehicle may make its way out next year. Everyone is pumped at the thought of it and of course people want to know what it is going to offer to persuade people away from the other pickups on the market.

If you can believe the spy photos that we have seen then the Jeep pickup is going to offer up some nice looks. This is something that we are looking forward to, the fact that the Jeep pickup may be going topless.

The Jeep pickup seems to come with a roof that is very much along the same lines as the concept of the Jeep Chief some years back. The roof layout takes on a look that says it can be taken off and this would be something new and exciting in the road of pickup trucks.

If the Jeep pickup was to go topless along with offering performance that was decent then it would stand out in the crowd.

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