Is This The Tesla EV Pickup Truck?

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People in the US love their pickup trucks and as Tesla is a US carmaker you would think that they would develop a pickup truck. Well they may do just that in the future.

If Tesla offered a pickup truck it would have an EV powertrain that would be similar to the Tesla Model S, X and the Model 3. Now thanks to a render of the vehicle we have been treated to what it might look like.

The image comes from a fan and this is what the Tesla pickup truck might look like if it arrives.

TopSpeed created this version of the Tesla pickup truck and it looks good enough that Tesla may want to put it into production. They created the vehicle based around other vehicles from Tesla.

There are rumors going around that Tesla may start to launch a range of pickup trucks in 2018 and they may offer up a range of 300 miles and take on a midsized look.

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