When it comes to owning these premium smartphones in the market, speed is everything. The Apple iPhone X was the one to beat for Samsung this year, do you think Samsung managed to do it?

Youtube Channe; Xeetechcare posted a video on Youtube where the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was pitted against each other to see which device is speedier. It was clear from the video that Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus faired better in the competition but the difference is not going to be big enough that people will want to ditch their Apple iPhone X for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Some people also pointed out that the Samsung seems to be starting up apps slower than the Apple iPhone X although ultimately, the app started at the same time for both devices.

Overall, it does not look like there is a huge difference between both devices in terms of speed. Check out the video below and tell us which device you think did better in this test.

Mario Caballero

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