iPhone 7 Takes On iPhone SE: It’s All About Money

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Many people have been asking if when the iPhone 7 comes our way the price tag for the iPhone SE is going to come down.

This of course is a question that you are going to want answered if you are thinking about buying a new handset and you don’t want the very latest handset.

Generally the price tags for older handsets do come down once a new one has been announced and this is no exception with the iPhone SE. The iPhone 7 will be a larger device and some people will want to remain with the older device.

Another thing to take into account about the iPhone SE is that the device hasn’t been out for that long. Apple may not drop the price tag of the handset down if it is still selling well, while offering something different from the generation out at the moment.

One way of obtaining the iPhone SE if it doesn’t come with a drop in the price tag is to get the handset as used by someone who wants to update to the iPhone 7.