Apple iPhone 6 On Wednesday!

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It is hard to believe but the Apple iPhone turned 6 on Wednesday, with the original model “born” on 9th January.

Happy Birthday! Apple iPhone 6 on Wednesday

When Steve Jobs introduced the world to the Apple iPhone he said that is was a leap frog product that was way smarter than any other mobile and that it was super easy to use.

Of course this wasn’t the world’s first smartphone, IBM released one in 1994. It wasn’t the only smartphone on the market at that time as in 2007 Blackberry and Palm handsets were in fashion too. However it did catch the eye of the public and it went mainstream thanks to it having multi-function abilities and technology that was advanced.

Apple boasted about these of course and said that the handset was three in one, a mobile phone, an iPod that was wide screen with touch and an internet communications device that gave web browsing, email, maps and search.

Following the release of the device in June, the Apple iPhone became the must have handset, even well before it went on sale, it also become an instant hit and sold more than one million units within 74 days of it being on sale.

Apple of course have updated their handset over the years and provided even more functionality. One of the latest features has been Siri, which is an assistant that can help owners of the Apple iPhone to get things done. Siri talks and communicates through normal speech.

Now as we move into 2013 with the iPhone 5 selling well, all eyes are on what the next-generation iPhone 6 could offer. At this time, iPhone 6 rumors point to a faster processor, more RAM and possibly come in a bigger range of colors.

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