iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why S3 Can’t Be Beat

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The Apple iPhone 5 has been compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 a lot with some of the things coming under scrutiny being the camera and browser. The Apple iPhone without a doubt has some superb hardware under the subtle exterior; with some benchmark tests having it beat the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand has been the best seller of 2012 with four of the five best sales weeks following the release of the Apple iPhone 5. It has sold over 30 million units and it has knocked the Apple iPhone 4S from the top spot. Over in the UK it has been the most popular device, followed closely by the Apple iPhone 4S and then the Samsung Galaxy S2. So why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the most popular handset and how is it managing to sell so strong many months later unlike other Androids that usually fizzle out in months?

Benchmarks are all well and good but they tell just one part of a story as they cannot tell us everything about a handset.

Today phones are able to take videos and photos, recognize our voices, help us to make payments and browse the internet, along with making calls. This is where the Apple iPhone 5 runs into issues as it doesn’t stretch itself far enough. It is one of the most basic of the handsets on the market in the top end range and it doesn’t offer the customisation of the Samsung handset which is expected from the best of smartphones. The restrictions with iOS 6 is still more than it should be for a device in 2013.

Before the Apple iPhone 5 was released there was talk of the handset coming with a holographic video and keyboard projector. This caused quite the commotion and showed that fans of Apple want innovation too, no matter how out there it may seem. If you want innovation then you have to look at Samsung as you get not only widgets but a bunch of other extras. One of which allows you to call people simply by bringing the device to the ear when their text comes in. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also knows when you have your eyes on the screen and when you haven’t the display is dimmed. It also supports NFC, MHL, expandable storage and you can charge it wirelessly.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is customisable thanks to custom launchers, ROMs, keyboards and a stack of widgets. The hardware is top notch and robust. Apple on the other hand have streamlined their OS for increases stability and ease of use. This in turn has meant that sacrifices have had to be made. Restriction shouldn’t happen in 2013 as people use their phones as mini PC, MP3s, satnavs, DVD and who knows what else.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5 are great devices and they both deserve their places in the smart phone market. Samsung are ahead when it comes to innovation. The catch is it has a steeper learning curve which once mastered brings rewards.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is not as good looking as the Apple iPhone 5, however to make up for it, it has plenty of flexibility and features, that will ensure it will remain at the top for some time. Of course, the iPhone 5 will always be more reliable thanks to the simplicity and vertical integration with the OS, but when we’re talking about top end smartphones that are about breaking barriers – it is still playing catch up.

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