iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Which Is Better

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The winner between the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Apple iPhone 5 is…

Those within the market looking for an upgrade could be stuck between choosing between the Apple iPhone 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, this could be a hard choice since these are not one but two superb phones, along with being the best on Android and also iOS. So just how do you select which one is right for you?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has got Jelly Bean, and the iPhone 5 possesses iOS 6. Not one but two great operating systems to choose from, each with ups and additionally downs. iOS 6 is really stable and user-friendly, and also iOS devices retain a high resale value thanks to not being categorized out-of-date so swiftly. The App Store has a few more apps when compared to Google Play Store, and also it has even more polished apps. You will discover that the App Store apps are paid-for because of this, while apps come complimentary from Google Play Store, packed with ads.

Android is an actual work in progress and Jelly Bean represented some big changes. Newbies could be daunted by the move, though it’s well worth it. iOS changes are simple to receive and also comprehend, and also iOS is hard to beat, though its restrictive.

Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fit those which prefer to tinker with their handsets, and has many launchers, ROMs, widgets and keyboards to pick from. Android doesn’t need iTunes to sync, and this is an incentive when choosing. Should you decide to opt for iOS, you can choose a wallpaper and additionally a ringtone, and that is about as much as you get when it comes to customization.

Android handsets are really slow to get updates when compared to the iPhones, since Apple is fond of its tweaks. More aged Android devices often get forgotten, and additionally this might be something that you will want to bear in your mind prior to you spend anything.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is on top of the iPhone 5 when it comes to specs – it has got a 5.5” display, is double the speed and comes with two times the RAM. It also has a 3,100mAh battery, twice the size of the iPhone 5. It’s bigger when compared to the Apple iPhone 5, and in addition comes with the superb S-Pen. The looks of the iPhone 5 completely outclass the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 though thanks to its plastic.

You might get 35 hours of talk from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 if using 2G and maybe 16 hours on 3G. The Galaxy Note 2 has SD card and additionally NFC, along with a removable battery. The iPhone 5 doesn’t support anything like this.

Both phones have decent quantities of storage, however SD helps and so the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is in front. Rear cameras are really 8MP, plus the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 possesses a 1.9MP front camera, compared to the iPhone 5 1.2MP front snapper. Both devices have LTE and also HSPA+.

So a quick adding up of the points shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is victorious thanks to battery, storage, show and chipset. The iPhone 5 gains points for style and price and also camera, which is better for low light images.

These devices are each accessible from each of the major US carriers. The iPhone 5 starts at just $199 with a two year contract, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is $299 for a two-year agreement. T-Mobile is to get the Apple iPhone 5 later this this year, however isn’t supplying it at a subsidised price, so it will cost from $649.

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