iPhone 5 vs 5S & 5C: Spot The Differences

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There have been rumours going around about a low budget iPhone coming out for a couple of years now and up to now we haven’t see any sign of it. But this year could be the year when we do as there are rumours going around again that Apple want to get into developing markets more than they have with the older versions of the iPhone.

We have seen some images of the low cost iPhone 5C, which is said to be the cheaper version, while the iPhone 5S, should be the premium phone. Days ago we saw leaked parts for the iPad 5, the iPhone 5C and the 5S. However we have seen some newer images recently that show more than what we have seen in some time.

So how would the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S compare to the iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5S is said to be a lot like the iPhone 5, however you can see a duel LED and it is said to have a 12MP camera. The design of the iPhone 5C looks different as it is made from plastic and so helps to keep down the cost of manufacturing. We wouldn’t buy this version, however we do see why Apple may want to make one as it would be more affordable and appeal to a larger market.

So take a look at the images and let us know if you think that these are how the iPhone 5C and 5S will look.

iPhone comparison

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