iPhone 5 To Get Faster On 36 More Carriers Next Week

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When Apple said that the Apple iPhone 5 would come with support for 4G LTE many potential consumers knew that they would not be able to make use of the fast network speeds, as their network carrier didn’t support it. However this is to change soon as from next week Apple are adding 36 more carriers, all of who support 4G LTE.

iPhone 5 LTE support extends to 26 more carriers

At the moment there are just 24 carriers globally who supports 4G LTE, however with another 26 coming this means the total would be 60 carriers. The new countries adding support for the Apple iPhone 5 on 4G will also be supporting 300 more devices.

Verizon have around 257 million subscribers who enjoy the LTE network and out of the 9.8 million of the phones they sold in the previous quarter, 6.2 million of these were Apple iPhones. This move could be positive for the sales of Apple iPhones in the new countries about the get 4G support.

Sales for Apple have dwindled and this is proof for them that they need to make large changes when they reveal their next gen Apple iPhone 6, if Apple wants to continue competing with Samsung and their flagship handset which is upcoming, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Perhaps the concept 4.8 inch Apple iPhone that we have seen recently would be enough to challenge the Samsung Galaxy S4?

The news is great of course for those who own the Apple iPhone 5 and it shows that there are many people out there who are yet to see the full power of the Apple iPhone 5. At the moment if you own an Apple iPhone 5 in the UK there is not a lot of carrier choice for 4G and those offering it do so for a small fortune.

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