iPhone 5: Where Has The Magic Gone Apple?

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The iPhone 5 has been out on the market for a couple of months now and we can’t fault the device in any way. It is a clear step up over the iPhone 4S however as can been, Apple stock prices continue to falter and the phone which we thought would be impossible to get your hands on over the holidays is readily available just about everywhere. It also seems to be having a tough time surpassing its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, in terms of sales and popularity as multiple sales and reports show. So why exactly isn’t the iPhone 5 doing it for Apple?

iPhone 5 isn’t cutting it for Apple?

Apple stock closed at $513 a share today, which is another dollar down and a big dip compared to only four months ago when it was $700 a share. Many analysts and tech gurus are now weighing in with the possibly reasons why the iPhone 5 just isn’t cutting it.

Over on the The New York Times, economist Edward Zabitsky says: As Samsung has surpassed Apple as the leading handset maker, apps have become more important than the devices that carry them, and handsets are increasingly being evaluated on their ability to access the cloud and interact with other devices.

Business Insider’s Henry Blodget points to loss of dominance as the smartphone market continues to evolve at a rate faster than Apple has with its iPhone: Apple has reportedly slashed its orders for iPhones for the first quarter of  next year. According to UBS and other sources, Apple cut its build orders from 35-40 million units to 25-30 million. This suggests that sales of the all-important iPhone may be far lower than Wall Street has been expecting.

CNET points to the lack of huge lines for the iPhone 5 in China which ties in with the order cutbacks.

At this time the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S remain as the top two best-sellers of the year. While the iPhone 5 has had a late start, a recent analyst report which pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had its 4 of 5 best sales week after the iPhone’s launch is worrying to say the least.

Nevertheless with a bigger fan base (comparing the iPhone brand to just the Galaxy S3, not Android as whole), Apple may very well recover in terms of sales next year. But the question still remains… where has the magic gone?


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