It is looking like Apple is going to do something that Microsoft hasn’t done as we have heard that they are offering up three new iPad devices in spring 2017 and they are going to be different sizes. This is something that the Surface Pro 5 didn’t offer.

We have heard that Apple is going to offer up the iPad Pro 2 which is going to offer a display of 12.9 inches, there is also going to be a 9.7 inch display which will be the entry level and the iPad Pro with the 10.5 inch display, so Apple are catering for all people.

At the moment we don’t have many details but what we cannot wait to find out the design of the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. It has been reported as having a sleek edge to edge display so that it offers the identical dimensions of the 9.7 inch. However other people have suggested that it will come with a bigger display.

The line-up of the iPad Pro is thought to be coming with a quad speaker and quad microphone setup along with 12MP camera, 3.5mm headphone jacks and a Smart Keyboard for all of the Pro sizes.

The 12.9 inch and 10.5 inch should come with the Apple A10X processor, while the entry level may have the A9X processor that is on the models at the moment. We don’t know what price tag will be given to it but the iPad Air 2 that is out at the moment comes in at $399.

The smaller iPads, including the iPad Mini 4 is going to become 7.9 inch iPad Pro and it should offer the quad speakers, 12MP camera and Smart Connector for adding a keyboard.

With all the size choices of the iPad Pro 2017 the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to suffer.

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Jerry Pani · October 18, 2016 at 7:01 am

“With all the size choices of the iPad Pro 2017 the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to suffer.”
This is very misleading as both devices are in different leagues – one is an enlarged mobile phone with a mobile phone OS while the other is a true hybrid device with a desktop OS. The iPad Pro is a companion device whereas the Surface Pro is a true productivity device that can be used as a tablet, laptop or desktop with 100% compatibility with Enterprise legacy softwares and can run x86 softwares. Those who want a pure tablet experience will likely go for the iPad Pro but those who want more than a tablet experience will go for the Surface Pro.

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