Last week there was talk about battery drain on the Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S after the devices got the update to iOS 7. Tests showed that the iPhone 4S had very big issues with battery drain.

However the battery life for the iPhone 5 happened to be perfect, despite the fact that battery drained down on the iPhone 4S very fast. The article posted about this got a lot of feedback from people who own a handset and who were suffering battery drain issues with iOS 6 installed. After checking into this we found a way to fix the issues with battery drain.

We have spent many hours with iOS 7 beta and found out that there is a big difference when it comes to battery life. People saw this when iOS 6 was released last year and owners suffered.

It does seem that the issue on not related to hardware and it comes about when installing the update; this could be iOS 6 or the beta version of iO7.

Tests have shown that the battery drain issue with the Apple iPhone 5 and 4S with iOS did not suffer from battery drain. But this could have been down to just luck more than anything else. It occurs randomly and it also is dependent on conditions in which you make the installation. There is an easy way to put iOS on your website and not have issues with draining of the battery.

We did find that it was possible to stop the issues with battery drain on handsets, but really you should not have to go through this and Apple should offer a fix.

So to start you need to make a backup of your device and you should then make a clean install of iOS in DFU mode. You then have to hold down the Sleep/Wake buttons along with the home button, until you see the Apple logo. You should then keep the Home button pressed down until iTunes tells you that you are in recovery mode.

You should then make a brand new copy of iOS 6 and then install iOS 7 beta and finally restore your data. You can also downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6 providing of course that you back up in iTunes.

The issue with the battery drain for the iPhone 4S was major and the battery did drain down in just hours. You can rectify this if you make a clean install first. The issue comes about when you have chosen to restore the date and you did not make a clean installation to start with.

If you have suffered battery drain issues on your handset, you can remedy them with the above.

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