The HTC 10 was launched and many people said that it would be a clear contender for taking the smartphone of the year award. The OnePlus 3 then arrived and it offers up a design that was very similar but it came with a price tag that was lower. This meant that the position of the HTC 10 was put into a precarious position.

Now the Huawei Honor 8 has been released and this is a device that has been based around the P9 from the same company and the HTC 10 may as well give up. This is due to the fact that it is being compared to a handset that is similar when it comes to specs, while at the same time coming with a price tag that is under $700.

When it comes to the display both the HTC 10 and the Honor 8 have a 5.2 inch display, while the HTC offers a quad HD display and the Honor a display that is full HD. The HTC offers the Snapdragon 820, while the Honor 8 offers up a wildcard in the US by way of the Kirin 950 processor.

The Kirin chip comes with Quick Charge and this means that the battery fills up by half in only 30 minutes. Both of the devices come with USB Type-C charging ports and they both offer a battery of 3,000mAh.

The Honor 8 also matches the storage of the HTC 10, so you can get 32GB or 64GB of storage along with 4GB RAM. There is also expansion on both up to the maximum of 256GB. The Huawei also comes with a choices of 32GB and 3GB of RAM.

For the camera the Honor 8 is decent when compared against the camera of the HTC 10. It is a 12MP f/2.2 camera along with a selfie camera of 8MP and the HTC 10 offers the 12MP f/1.8 along with one of 5MP.

The HTC 10 does come in ahead for the camera thanks to it offering OIS on both cameras, while the Honor 8 doesn’t have any. Both handsets offer fingerprint sensor, while it is the HTC that comes out ahead for audio quality.

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