HTC Makes Google Pixel Better Than Its Own Devices

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When a new handset comes out people generally perform a tear down of the handset and this is just what has happened with the Google Pixel handsets. iFixit have given the device a score of 6/10 for reparability and they have said that HTC has made the Pixel better than they make their own handsets.

They also said that there is virtually no evidence of the phone being made by HTC and the front facing speaker is made from cloth. iFixit did mention about the Samsung OLED display having virtually no support and that it can be separated from the glass a bit too easily. To open the handset initially prying is needed and this means that it is a bit too easy to open it without doing it any damage.

About the only place where the logo of HTC can be found is on the battery on the Pixel XL and the battery was rated lower than that of the Galaxy Note 7 and S7 Edge.

The majority of the components of the Google Pixel XL are modular so they can be replaced. The USB C port can also be replaced inexpensively. The use of many other components were applauded and all in all the handset scored 6/10 for being able to repair it, which was better than other handsets from HTC.

In comparison to the Google Pixel handsets the HTC Surround scored only 5 points, the One M9 scored just 2 as did the HTC One M8 and the HTC One scored a miserable 1 point in the same iFixit tables.

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