How To Exterminate The BMW M In 5 Simple Moves

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Buying a used car is a great way of owning a vehicle that might otherwise be out of reach but some used cars can come with plenty of issues. One owner who purchased a BMW M wasn’t entirely pleased with the badge that came with his car so he removed it in 5 simple steps.

The steps he took to remove the badge can be seen below and they are very helpful for anyone who wants to remove the badge from their vehicle and turn it into a sleeper.

So if you wish to remove the badge from your used car for any reason and you don’t want to make a mess of the paint job when doing it, check out the steps below.

1. Use hair dryer on high/heat gun on low to soften the glue.
2. Dental floss/fishing line to pull out the badge.
3. GOO GONE/tar remover/ WD40/alcohol to remove glue stains.
4. Wax to polish out the emblem area.
5. Enjoy your sleeper or be free of the shame from having fake badges!

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